The Parallels Of Economic Growth And Construction Equipment Growth

October 2, 2020 - 0 COMMENTS


With the rise in the growing economy there has been increase in the development of the infrastructure. For this construction work has been on rise, which have led to the demand of construction equipment. Construction equipments are of various types and serve different purposes.

Heavy construction equipment include bulldozers & track loaders, rubber tire loaders, cable cranes, hydraulic cranes, stationary cranes, graders scrapers & rollers, paving equipment, rock crushers, screeners & washers, trenching equipment, etc. There has been technical advancement also in the attachments and part required for the construction equipment. Three are various types of buckets, blades, couplers cutters, forks, grips, hammers and shovels.

There has been a growth in companies opting for rental construction equipment or leasing them. The main reason behind this is lower capital investment and lower maintenance. Moreover, good construction equipment is available at great bargain prices. This construction equipment give good productivity paralleled to new equipment. Also the smaller fleet ar able to squeeze out construction equipment.

Apart from purchase, leasing and rental of the construction equipment, there are also security issues attached to them. These days companies and constructors are much worried about securing their construction equipment. Since construction equipment do not have any tracking number on them thus recovery of any stolen construction equipment is very difficult. Most of the time the construction equipment is recovered several kilometers away from the construction site. But recovery of equipment is very difficult. Thus a new system of putting the tracking number has been put into effect. Earlier, for security purposes companies used to tie up the construction equipment with chains and padlocks but of late these have been proved to be inefficient.

Now-a-days construction companies are asking the manufacturers to instill laser-cut identification labels with key identification numbers. These key numbers would prove to be the tracking number just like engine number and chassis numbers in automobiles. A proposition of seventeen-digit global numbering system has been put forward in the construction industry to prevent stealing of construction equipment. This would ensure recapturing of stolen construction as well prevention of shipment of stolen construction equipment to other neighboring countries.

Advancement in the construction industry has led to development of operator comfort–air-conditioned cabs, steering wheels that can be tilted and devices to prevent noise pollution. Producers are featuring global positioning satellite technology for improved surveying and for use in driver-less trucks operating on a fixed route.

Increase or decrease in the construction sector directly affects the sale or purchase of the construction equipment. If the economy of the country is growing at a healthy pace, it leads to development of new projects as well as upgrading the older ones. All this requires construction equipment either to be purchased or leased by the construction companies. Further, an association for the inspection and certification of used construction equipment has been formed. This has been done to promote online sales of used heavy construction equipment. This is required by the companies taking up projects at various locations in the foreign land.


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