Baton Rouge General Hospital: Providing Quality Health Services

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The capital of Louisiana has its Baton Rouge General Hospital that has been serving the community for around a hundred years. It was founded by Dr. T. P. Singletary. The physicians & caregivers here provide for quality health services to the patients.

Baton Rouge General Hospital is a non-profit, community-owned facility that provides valuable services as Cancer Care, Heart Care, Neonatal Care and many more.

As the organization has seen the high rate of deaths caused by cancer, investment on technologies and equipments have been made to be able to provide better treatment options to the patients.

Also seeing the heart diseases as major illnesses to contend with, a cardiology center has been built. Baton Rouge General Hospital has even garnered a rating as best in Baton Rouge in Cardiology. A National Vital Statistics Report in the year 2002 showed that around 28% of the local community has died from heart disease – and thus their continuing drive to make heart care their number one priority.

In the area of Neonatal Care, Baton Rouge General Hospital is not left out in the sophisticated and advanced services for newborns. Baton Rouge General Hospital has also specialized in treating burns.

A lot is being done to ensure that the local community will be better and efficiently served by the hospital. Improvements & innovations on the medical field equipment, expertise and services have been continually studied and considered, so that the Baton Rouge people will enjoy and benefit quality health services.

In terms of medical staff – a lot of training has been done for healthcare professionals on the latest advancements and practices in the field. Those on training will benefit from the Residency programs by the Baton Rouge General Hospital – as well as from their School of Radiologic Technology and School of Nursing.

Baton Rouge General Hospital can be located in two areas: a.) at Mid City: 3600 Florida Blvd., and b.) at Bluebonnet: 8585 Picardy Avenue – found opposite the Mall of Louisiana. The establishment is fully accredited by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or JCAHO. They have valid licenses as well approved by local and state licensing authorities. Visit their website at at browse to learn more about this remarkable institution.

Baton Rouge General Hospital may be contacted through the following numbers. Area code is 225. For the hospital’s main number – 387-7000, patient information – 387-7748, and admitting section is 763-4012 for Bluebonnet / 381-6252 for Mid City. For medical record information, you may contact 763-4180 for Bluebonnet / 387-7079 for Mid City.

The GHS organization ( is the corporate parent of Baton Rouge General Hospital and has been providing administrative support for the institution. General Health System (GHS) organization has other affiliates aside from the hospital. These are the First Care Physicians, Mid City Redevelopment Alliance and Advanced Medical Concepts.



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