How Can A Tongue Crib Fix The Bad Habit Of Thumb Sucking In Kids?

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A tongue crib is a type of orthodontic tool that can fit in the top front of your mouth. It is typically used for middle school-aged children who have developed teeth, jaw, muscular and skeletal abnormalities produced from thumb and finger sucking or a condition, known as tongue thrust. Make an appointment with orthodontist Surfside to know more about this issue.

An orthodontist will suggest a tongue crib appliance to your child for several months to dull these symptoms. This can be an effective solution for your child. Moreover, other options can also be used to suppress these behaviors as well.

Functions Of A Tongue Crib:

  • A tongue crib orthodontics comprises a metal grate that can block the top front roof of the mouth. It creates impossible situations for your child to suck on their thumb or fingers because they won’t be able to get suction during sucking.


  • It also fixes your child’s tongue position in the correct place by supporting the tongue to rest downward and backward instead of forward and upward as it can create many oral issues further.


  • Your dentist will recommend a tongue crib if they notice dangerous signs of permanent damage from the bad habit of sucking or tongue position.


  • According to a conducted survey, it is found that a tongue crib helps users to quit sucking habits permanently. Also, it can fix overbites issues effectively.


  • Braces tongue crib can be removable or permanent, depending on your child’s needs. Your kids may be so mature that they can handle a removable crib, also, they should eat it regularly and try never to lose it.


  • You can also try a permanent tongue crib if you feel that your child can take it out on a frequent basis or won’t wear it at all. Your orthodontist may recommend a tongue crib to be worn by your child for several months. The time period may be longer depending on the thrusting habits of your child.


  • A tongue crib can reduce thumb and finger sucking habits and rearrange the tongue’s movements. You can also visit an orthodontist open on weekends to diagnose and treat this oral issue.

Consequences Of Thumb Sucking:

  • Thumb and fingers sucking can develop tongue thrust leading to various oral issues:
  • Injury to a child’s top front teeth
  • Modification to a child’s bite, such as generating an overbite or open bite
  • an unusual swallowing system
  • Difficulties with jaw alignment
  • Modified speech patterns

Infants, toddlers who are used to sucking their thumb or fingers for comfort can lead to low-risk behavior. Overage, your child can develop this problem leading to concerning issues as it can affect:

  • Mature teeth
  • skeletal advancement
  • jaw adjustment
  • language

Symptoms Of Tongue Thrusting:

  • Their tongue pushes forward against their front teeth when saying certain letters.
  • They exhale through their mouths.
  • They have broken or chapped lips constantly.
  • Their lips settle open when their mouth is in a relaxing position.

A tongue crib is the only orthodontic tool that can be used to stop thumb and finger sucking or tongue thrusting. You may just desire your child to leave their thumb or finger-sucking habit as they become older.


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