How Is The WPS Office Useful For Students?

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The new education year has started, and most schools are making sure that students will get a smooth start. WPS office helps teachers and students to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently. It helps teachers to create lesson plans, maintain students’ records, prepare exam papers, and assists students in completing their homework. As it includes multiple powerful tools, students can do their work comfortably. Since the software comes with a cloud storage facility, both parties can share the information quickly and easily.  

The study method helps students create a difference in the quality of their studies. Whether you are preparing assignments, doing homework, etc. WPS software can help achieve the goal effectively. No matter what the subject type is, it can help students equally. Moreover, it will let students develop good study habits and can offer consistency to learn any type of subject material. Download and install a free version of WPS Office for Students.  

Note Taking:

When taking class notes or completing other written assignments, students should know how to use WPS Office’s Writer application as a text-editing tool to improve their study methods.

But have you ever considered why taking notes is so important? Why not just sit in class and take in as much information as possible during the teacher’s lecture? The rationale for this is that taking notes regularly is an important aspect of a student’s good listening technique. It’s practically hard to remember every essential point that your lecturer makes throughout the class, no matter how good your memorization abilities are.

Without relying exclusively on recollection, taking notes allows you to capture the highlights of the class conversation. You offer yourself the ability to revisit the lecture after class and think about each subject in greater depth if you take down (or type out) the highlights. When it comes to completing specific assignments, this opportunity can be invaluable because if you learn how to take good notes, your notes will contain a wealth of information that will inform your academics and help your papers and other assignments stand out from your peers.

Notes in Shorthand

It is tough to take longhand notes and capture the full discussion if your lecturer speaks quickly. While using a digital recorder to record the session is a possibility, not all professors allow it—and anyway, you’d have to listen to the entire tape again to take notes on the highlights, which is inefficient.

Some pupils even learn to take notes in “shorthand.” Shorthand is a word-representation technique that employs symbols rather than letters to express words. You may take handwritten notes faster by employing shorthand symbols instead of writing out each word in full, allowing you to record more of the lesson. The majority of alternative shorthand systems base their symbols on how words sound rather than their spelling. 

Or you can download and install the WPS office suite to take notes in the class. As it is very simple to use, any student can learn it very quickly.  

Recopying After Class

You can concentrate on building another strong study habit, recopying your notes after class, in addition to learning solid note-taking and shorthand skills. Rewriting (or retyping) your notes allows you to go over the material again, which will assist you to recall it. Take the assistance of the WPS office as it is very easy to access and use. 

You can also use the recopying time to highlight crucial sections with a highlighter (or your laptop’s highlight feature), and type out the essential points from shorthand into standard sentence form in preparation for incorporating the lecture material into your assignments.

WPS Installation Can Be Beneficial

Some professors enable you to take notes on your laptop instead of writing them down in a notebook during class. If you have this choice, it’s a good idea to use it, partially because you can save time and effort by using keyboard shortcuts when taking notes.

WPS Office has a comprehensive set of PC Keyboard Shortcuts available here.

You may use shortcuts to accomplish everything from applying or removing italics/underlining/bold to repeating or undoing the previous command you made, as you’ll see when you look through this list of more than 50 pre-configured shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts work in Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation.


With the WPS office suite, Students’ online dull classes can become interesting, interactive, and imaginative as the software can create a visual appeal helping students develop interactive projects as they can merge texts and media objects. 



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