How Much Does an Eyelid Lift Cost?

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Are you also in search of getting an eye lift to eye sagging and wrinkles, but not sure about how it will cost you? Eyelift surgery is important for your eyes to give you aesthetic reasons and medical purposes. This method helps in opening up your eyes and serves you with a more youthful look. For many patients, upper eyelid surgery is a one-time process that would last for a lifetime.

The eyelid surgery cost may vary depending on patient to patient. As per the American Society of plastic surgeons, the normal cost of the process would be $4,120, according to 2020 statistics. Although, other processes cost low and even sometimes high.

What is an eye lift surgery?

Eyelift surgery is also known as Blepharoplasty. It is a kind of surgery that fixes droopy eyelids and might include the extraction of extra skin, muscles, and fat. As you grow up, the eyelid gets stretched, and the muscles sustain will dilute. Thus, at the ends, the excess fat may assemble below your eyelids, which causes sagging eyebrows, bags under the eyes, and droopy upper lids.

Why it is important to get it done?

First of all, you only need to go for the Eyelid Surgery process if your droopy or sagging eyelids maintain the eyes from opening completely or pull your eyelids down. Eliminating the extra tissue from the upper eyelids will enhance your vision. The upper and lower eyelid would make your eyes looks younger and more alert.

The blepharoplasty may be a choice if you have:

  • Extra skin on your lower eyelids
  • Droopy or baggy upper eyelids
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Extra skin of upper eyelids that intervenes with your peripheral vision

Then you need to undergo blepharoplasty at the fixed time with all other processes like face-lift, skin resurfacing, or brow lift.

What is the process of eyelift surgery?

A few steps should be carried out for effective eyelift surgery.

  1. A physical examination
  2. Vision examination
  3. Eyelid photography

What proceeds into the price of eyelid surgery?

The following points would be considered in the surgeon’s initial estimation of cost. Some surgeons may price differently each time. Make sure that you have a good understanding of what is included in the final bill of your consultation.

  • Eyelid Surgery Surgeon & Facility Fees
  • Eyelid Surgery Anesthesia Costs
  • Eyelid Surgery Pre & Post-Op Expenses

Is the process of eyelids covered under insurance?

There are cases, where the eye lift surgery cost is fully or partially covered by the insurance. Patients who are having a critical droop on the top of the lid that obstructs day-to-day activities like driving may be qualified for a functional blepharoplasty. Ensure to talk with your service provider early to have a better understanding of what is under your insurance scheme.

The bottom line

To learn more about Eyelid Lift procedures and the eye lift cost  at our experts, please schedule your consultation by either filling out the form on our website or by calling +18329307660. We look forward to helping you!


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