Is it possible to liposuction the neck?

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Did you know that the neck is a part that unexpectedly affects the impression? No matter how good your style is, the impression will be different depending on whether you have a thick neck or a thin neck.

Poor posture, swelling, and fat are some of the causes of the thickening of the neck. There are various causes, “a solution of neck fat removal by liposuction” for those who have thickened neck due to fat.

Liposuction is recommended for those who want to lose weight on some parts, those who cannot easily lose weight on a diet, those who want to lose weight in a short period, and those who are prone to rebound.

Treatment method

  • Liposuction Houstonis performed under anaesthesia.
  • A special needle called “cannula” is used.
  • It is not pointed like a general injection needle and has a needle hole sideways.
  • A few millimetres of skin is incised at the time of treatment, and a “cannula” is inserted from there to aspirate fat cells.
  • After suction, the area is pressed and fixed with a girdle to prevent internal bleeding and prevent postoperative swelling.

Neck liposuction

It is possible to make the neck look slender by Neck Lift liposuction under the cheeks and chin. Neck Liposuction is not possible, but if there is fat on the front side of the neck = around the submandibular gland, submandibular liposuction can be used to “make the neck look slender”.

This is because the submandibular gland is very close to the neck, and fat on the submandibular gland may make the front side of the neck look thicker. In addition, a lot of fat under the chin can cause the neck to look shorter.

Two points to make your neck look slender with liposuction

Tips for liposuction surgery on the cheeks and submandibular gland.

[1] Do not suck too much on the cheeks

If you take too much fat, your cheeks will be moss, and you will get the impression that you are old.

The cheeks have a certain amount of fat, which gives a youthful impression. Therefore, do not inhale the fat around the cheekbones (the high fat on the cheeks). It is most important to suck a proper amount of fat around the contour. neck liposuction cost depends on various factors such as Country, place, the popularity of hospitals and doctors etc.

[2] Suction under the chin to the limit

Try not to take too much fat on your cheeks while sucking in the fat under your chin to the limit. You can make the chin and necklines clear and have a beautiful face line.

The small amount of suction under the chin is proportional to the small amount of change after surgery, so it is a good rule to remove the submandibular gland to maximize the effect.

Liposuction under your cheeks and chin is recommended if your neck looks thick due to fat.

It is possible for those who have a thick neck due to fat to refresh the neck by liposuction under the chin. You can search for the best services of Liposuction Near Me.



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