What are the leading causes of back pain?

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Many people experience back pain because of many reasons, straining muscles from lifting a heavy weight or twisting their back while bending or getting an injury in an accident, experiencing stress on spinal bones and tissues can result in a herniated disc, or suffering from osteoarthritis, potentially distressing immorality of one or more spinal joints.

In most cases, when the condition becomes more severe and does not react to other treatments, the back pain doctor Clifton takes a step toward a surgery that may be necessary to reduce back pain caused by back concerns.

The back pain specialists choose the securest and most effective back treatments to view likely underlying problems, such as inflammatory conditions, fracture, disease, or any other serious ailments that do not relate to the back pain and that are causing pain in the back. Common reasons for low back pain are:

Muscle Pulling

Pulling or lifting a heavy object while working and sleeping in an awkward position may lead to back pain and causes discomfort. These can strain and sprain your back muscles and cause back pain. Back pain with muscle pulling often reduces in one week. But if not, you should consult your doctor for back pain and have treatment.


Inflammation is familiar but still causes pain and discomfort to the body. If inflammation abides from an injury or infection, it may lead to chronic soreness in your back and spine.


Arthritis is a chronic inflammation that impacts the joints, back and body. Many people, especially adults, suffer from this pain and distress. It is related to swelling and stiffness in the body.


This condition causes the bone mass to lessen in the hip, wrist, and spine. When the bone mass decreases, the bones become weaker, leading to painful fractures.

Herniated and ruptured discs Injury

Protectors of tissue called discs split the skeletal vertebrae of your spin, but when these discs shift out from their place or get injured or bulge. They can cause pain and even strain. As you age, these discs become more prone to damage.


A stress-free body is essential in keeping your body healthy; your spine supports your body in the correct position, and stress can pressure your body. Maintaining a healthy weight can cause less strain on your body and will, fortunately, cause less stress.


It can cause severe pain in your body, you may not have heard the word, but it causes throbbing pain in your back. More research is going on for fibromyalgia, what causes the back to ache.


Many different types of pain cause backache, but new modern technologies and back pain treatment can help you with back pain problems.

Moreover, you can change your daily lifestyle habits like morning walk stretches, keeping your back flexible by moving or lifting heavy objects, sleeping correctly, and keeping your weight balanced. Keeping these points in point can keep you stress-free and solve your backache problems.

Talk to your back pain specialist Clifton and tell them about your back pain symptoms to improve your symptoms.


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