What Are The Natural Ways Of Treating Veins?

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Many people are afraid of visiting doctors for treating their veins because they don’t want to go through medical treatments like surgery for removing these varicose veins. People often search for this term on the web “Can varicose veins go away naturally?” with the hope of getting rid of their varicose veins at home. In this article, we’ll focus on things you can do at home to get relief from your painful varicose veins.

If you are still not able to find any relief from these remedies mentioned below make sure to visit a vein specialist. Many of you who don’t know What Type of Doctor Treats Varicose Veins? A vein specialist is a doctor that treats varicose veins, you can easily search on the web for them and get your varicose vein removed.

Here are some ways which will help you reduce and get relief from your varicose veins:

1. Exercise:

Many doctors have suggested that exercising daily improves blood circulation in your legs. Proper blood circulation will help to open the blood clots in your veins back up towards your heart. Regular exercising will also help lower your blood pressure, which is a donating factor to varicose veins. Exercise doesn’t mean you have to work out high-impact exercises. You can exercise by doing, swimming, walking, cycling, yoga, and another exercise that helps your heart beat faster.

2. Compression Stockings to the Rescue:

Many people must have suggested you wear compression stockings for your veins. These compression stockings put more pressure on your legs than a regular pair of socks. Pressure on your legs can keep the blood from pooling and help your muscles and veins to move it back to the heart. This stocking will also help you reduce the pain in your varicose veins.

3. Change diet:

Changing diet can positively affect your varicose vein. Avoiding sodium-rich food will help reduce your water retention. Eating food that has potassium will help you reduce your water retention by causing cells to release water, which leaves the body in the form of urine.

Here are some foods that are high in potassium and help you in varicose vein treatment:

  • Lentils
  • Almonds and pistachios
  • Potatoes
  • Leafy vegetables
  • fish like salmon and tuna

Make sure to eat food that has a lot of fiber which will make the bowel flow easy. Here is some food that is high in fiber including:

  • Seeds and nuts
  • Wheat, oats, and flaxseed
  • Whole-grain foods

4. Avoid Tight Clothes :

After studies, we have found that many doctors have suggested their patients avoid tight clothes like jeans. This can be a challenging task for you but tight-fitting clothing can bind blood flow and make it more painful for damaged veins to pump blood back to the heart. Loose clothes will help you in proper blood circulation, avoiding heels and wearing flats instead help with varicose veins in the legs because it’s easier for your body to circulate blood when your feet are straight on the ground.

5. Regular messaging:

Massaging can help you reduce your pain in the legs – when you massage your legs or the area where your varicose veins are developed, it helps to improve blood circulation that will make you feel relaxed!!

6. Avoid Sit and Stand long hours:

Make sure to avoid sitting and standing for long periods, if you are in a workplace where you have to sit for long hours make sure to take 10 minutes of break in between as a stretching break if that’s not possible, change position frequently to keep the blood flowing smoothly. And if you have to stand for long hours, keep moving your body as much as possible and take quick walks.


We hope you find this information useful and now you can get relief from your varicose veins at home. If you are still not finding these remedies helpful you can visit your nearby vein doctor.


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