What Do We Call A Doctor Who Specializes In Veins?

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If you are unaware of What kind of doctor specializes in veins then the answer is  Phlebologists or vascular surgeons are doctors who specialize in treating vein disease, venous insufficiency, or other underlying conditions of veins. During his/her residency and fellowship training, your vein doctor should have completed his or her formal training in endovenous procedures.

An expert or professional vein specialist must have a training background in interventional radiology, vascular surgery, and interventional cardiology. Other experts and specialists including family medicine or internal medicine, and pain management do not have any formalized training in minimally invasive endovascular procedures or surgical procedures.

Can you explain the role of a vein specialist?

If you don’t know much about What Kind of Doctor is a Vein Specialist, then let us help you. The vascular surgeon, phlebologist are both vein specialists. A vein specialist is similar to a phlebologist. To demonstrate the highest level of competency in the management of vascular disease it should be emphasized that vein specialists should have board certification recognized by ABMS. in one of the three specialties including interventional radiology, invasive cardiology, or vascular surgery.

Why do we get visible leg veins?

The twisted discolored damaged veins are called varicose or spider veins. We develop them when one-way tiny valves are weakened. In healthy veins, the blood flows in one direction- back to the heart. When veins get weak and damaged the blood flows backward and gathers in the vein. Extra blood is present in our veins and puts pressure on the vein walls. With the continuous pressure on vein walls, the veins become weak and bulge.

This is why we see varicose and spider veins. Some people have a high chance of developing them, if you have a family history with varicose veins, change in hormones during pregnancy, going through menopause, sitting or standing for too long in the same position. etc. Varicose veins are a more common issue in women than men.

What symptoms do we face during varicose veins?

There are several symptoms our body shows while suffering from varicose veins-

  • Heavy feeling in your legs
  • Itchiness around one or more veins in your legs
  • Changes in the color of the skin around varicose veins
  • Muscle throbbing, cramping, burning, and swelling in the lower legs
  • Worsening pain after sitting and standing for a long time.
  • Numbness in legs.

Explain the laser therapy for varicose veins?

Vein specialists use laser therapy to treat spider and varicose veins. In the laser treatment procedure, the doctor aims the laser beam at the varicose veins which makes them close or shrink. Smaller spider veins may immediately disappear after the treatment but the large varicose veins or spider veins will first darken then slowly disappear in two to three months or early.  You can return to your daily lifestyle and work routine the very next day after the treatment. After the treatment, you have to wear a compression stocking for a few days.


Hereby we can conclude that the above matter provides useful information regarding varicose vein treatment, laser treatment for varicose veins, and more. For further information, please contact


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