What Do You Know About Gingivectomy?

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Gingivectomy is a long-established routine procedure for removing the gingiva. Just a few examples of the indicators include access to beauty. Since access to osseous structures is not always required, they will perform a gingivectomy in the presence of supra bony pockets. The procedure helps to reduce gingival tissue in cases of hypertrophy and also modifies fibrotic gingiva. However, gingivectomy Houston is not suggested n the following circumstances:

  • Access to the osseous structure is essential.
  • It needs to have an upgraded or existing gingival attachment.

Although gingivectomy was routinely performed in the past, its use in periodontal surgery has declined due to developments in our understanding of how the body heals and the creation of advanced flap procedures. it remains effective when you need it.

How do periodontists perform gingivectomy?

A gingivectomy or gingivoplasty gum disease treatment is a dental surgery in which excess gum tissue is surgically removed. Underneath, there is no visible bone. After surgery, they apply a periodontal dressing to the teeth and gums to promote healing. The patient could experience pain during the treatment, but usually not after. According to a gingivectomy dentist near me, dental veneers may also occasionally be placed during this procedure to help increase the count of visible teeth. The damaged or infected area is washed with saline and specific rinses.

The diseased tissue is cut away, and the remaining gums are sutured back in and around the teeth. They may give a local anesthetic to keep the patient at ease throughout the surgery. Following the procedure, the teeth and gums are covered with a surgical dressing, sometimes known as a pack. For roughly a week, this dressing remained in place. Dental Office Houston Tx says you can accelerate healing by gargling with an antimicrobial mouthwash.

How does laser treatment differ from traditional treatment methods?

Laser gum surgery Houston provides a bone-building, tissue-preserving, and regenerating option. They’ll also use a laser instead of a scalpel to focus on the same polluted pockets. The laser kills the bacteria and contaminated tissue and removes the tissue needing removal. After the incision, we can swiftly remove calculus using ultrasonic root cleaning.

They will seal the tissue with laser radiation, preventing bleeding and further infection while promoting healing. As the lasers activate stem cells that create new collagen, bone, and connective tissues, this procedure also enables the body to use its innate healing skills. It restores the structural stability of the bone.

What benifits does gingivectomy provide?

According to Houston Dental Clinic, among the advantages of a gingivectomy are the following:

  • Removed the diseased tissue
  • Reduced depth of the pocket
  • It stops and manages gum diseases.
  • increases capacity to practice good hygiene
  • It preserves bone and teeth.
  • It also promotes dental health.


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