What Does An Occlusal Guard Do?

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Recently, medical science has come up with the occlusal guard for all your night problems like bruxism, etc. If you are also one of them who is suffering from such issues, then you need to look for the best dentists near me that accept delta dental. Further, you will be learning all the things related to occlusal guard. Find out below, the answers to your every question.

What is an occlusal guard?

An occlusal guard is also called a mouth or night guard, which is a custom-fitted device that is either worn on the upper or lower arch. Many patients are normal with a sports guard. However, it is used to safeguard your teeth and is different from an occlusal guard device. A night or occlusal guard is worn to rescue your teeth from grinding, clenching at night.

What are the symptoms that you need an occlusal guard?

Given below are the signs which indicate the requirement of occlusal guards-

  • Loose teeth
  • Facial pain
  • Toothaches, headaches, and earaches in the mornings
  • Clenching and grinding of the teeth
  • Sensitive or temperature teeth
  • Stiffness or jaw pain
  • Damaged or worn down teeth
  • Sleeping problems
  • Dental restorations

What are the kinds of occlusal guards?

Several kinds of the occlusal guard are utilized to restrict the limit of the effects that bruxism had. If you are also wondering about the types of guards that will be best for you, then do consult with the dentist near me open today.

The three kinds of the occlusal guard are-

  • Soft night guards – it is used to solving the moderate signs of bruxism. These are comfortable and easy-to-fit night guards.
  • Dual laminate night guards – it is designed for mild to critical teeth grinders. These have a comfortable, soft, inner and outer surface.
  • Hard night guards – it is used in critical cases of bruxism. It is made from acrylic, and especially long-lasting and durable, and will need to be tailored fit by delta dental PPO dentists.

How much did this night guard cost?

The mouthguard cost is generally around $200-$1000. Although, the cost is average somewhere between $300-$500. But still, there is one good news that these kinds of nightguards are under the insurance plan of delta dental PPO coverage, as long the dentists deems it medically necessary.


An occlusal or night guard will not hinder your teeth from grinding or clenching. But this can be an effective approach to rescue the teeth during the day or night if you are suffering from harmful oral habits. If you have decided to get an occlusal guard, the kind you opt for depends on the criticalness of the case, with the comfort needs and budgetary limitations.

Do you still have several questions about whether you need an occlusal guard or not? We here suggest booking the dentist appointment near me for an examination. The dentists will be able to cure or diagnose any of the bruxism damage and help you in guiding with the treatment options. You can also contact us by visiting our website!


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