What Exactly Is An Underbite Issue?

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According to an orthodontist North Miami, the teeth’s misalignment causes an underbite. The lower front teeth of those with this alignment issue protrude past the upper front teeth surface, and the lower jaw may appear to be pushed forward due to tooth placement. Chewing can be challenging if you have an underbite, and an underbite can eventually cause severe jaw issues that could need to be fixed through surgery. Because the lower front teeth should ideally lie behind the upper teeth, even a slight underbite will likely need correction.

Can dental braces fix an underbite?

An efficient method of treating underbites is braces. Invisalign clear aligners and ceramic underbite braces are available to correct your underbite. Depending on the degree of your underbite, each treatment method can correct it in a few months to a few years. They must carefully reposition the lower jaw to treat an underbite. Orthodontist Miami beach can fix an underbite by adjusting the location of the teeth because of the occlusion. How well the teeth fit together will determine how the upper and lower jaws rest.

Teeth Repositioning

Through orthodontic therapy, your teeth can gradually realign. Your individualized treatment will center on realigning your teeth under the careful supervision of a dental specialist.

Gentle Pressure

By applying gentle but constant pressure to specific teeth, clear aligners and underbite braces gradually realign teeth. The underlying jawbone adapts to the motions as teeth move into better alignment by slowly producing or absorbing jawbone tissue as necessary.

Maintaining That Beautiful Smile

Patients who have completed orthodontic treatment should wear their retainers at night. The advancement you achieved may eventually be undone by tooth moving. In rare circumstances, underbite problems can reappear if individuals don’t keep their results by keeping their retainer.

What braces options can fix an underbite?

Depending on your treatment course, the underbite braces procedure will change. Clear aligners, ceramic braces, and conventional metal braces are all proudly available at our practice. Each form of treatment moves teeth securely and efficiently.

Ceramic Braces

Traditional braces and ceramic braces function similarly, and dental office uses ceramic brackets that complement the color and gloss of teeth rather than clunky metal brackets. The procedures offer a way to straighten teeth that is cosmetically acceptable. Patients can benefit from reduced treatment times thanks to a therapeutic technique used by a pediatric dentist in Miami termed “indirect bonding.” The dental specialists can fit you with traditional metal braces if they believe they would be a better fit for you.


Invisalign is still the preferred method for straightening teeth. The transparent aligners are almost undetectable. Each tray cradles the upper or lower arch of teeth snugly. The clear trays are made to stay in place, and patients only need to press the aligners into position. You can achieve more alignment with each tray after the one before it.

Your teeth will realign better with time, and your underbite will eventually disappear. Specialists will give you a retainer to wear after you’ve finished using the trays, which keeps your teeth in the proper alignment.


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