What Is The Difference Between Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals?

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An ESA letter is an authorized document issued by a certified mental health professional. Psychologists or other health professionals may prescribe an ESA letter if they know about your current mental condition. Other health practitioners like psychiatrists or general physicians can also recommend the ESA. Get emotional support animal certificate to have emotional support.

Usually, an ESA letter is a medical prescription for individuals with frequent panic attacks or other mental disabilities to deal with the situation alone. In such a case, professionals believe you can benefit from the therapeutic relationship with ESAs as they can provide love, support, and comfort to gain mental stability. You even register to get an ESA certificate for cats.

Who is the suitable candidate to get an ESA?

Generally, psychologists prescribe the ESA to individuals with unstable emotional conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD ( post-traumatic stress disorder), and other mental illnesses. A licensed mental health professional can diagnose the issue precisely; therefore, get the ESA letter through a licensed professional only. Register to get ESA certificate for dogs now.

When your psychologist is sure about mental disorders and knows that you can benefit from the companionship of the ESA, they will issue the ESA letter. The letter will confirm the patient’s mental state, mentioning the condition and need for the ESA. Also, it guarantees that you will feel better with the ESA indeed.

How To Get a Legitimate ESA Letter?

While the Internet is a boon to us to perform various tasks in a few minutes, it has its drawbacks also, such as fraud ESA websites and fake ESA letters. As a result, you will have to be very careful while registering for an ESA letter online. You will require to find a genuine source so that you are less likely to disobey federal and state regulations. Therefore, go with a popular & authentic source to get a legitimate ESA letter. Once you get it, you are free to accommodate at any place of your choice and travel with your ESA. Airlines also permit the individuals to travel with an ESA once you submit the letter to them. Get ESA certificate now.

Note: ESA letter does not certify a pet animal as a service animal.

Emotional Support Animals vs. Service Animals

Different assistance animals worldwide serve people in specific tasks, such as Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals.

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs):

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs), you can also call them as comfort animals or companion animals. They help individuals with emotional disabilities like social phobias and depression that are impossible to deal with alone.

Dogs are the most commonly used animal as an ESA. Many popular dog breeds have been helping people by providing emotional comfort, love, and company. However, there are rules stating that ESA should include a dog only; you can even use rabbits, cats, and other pets as ESAs.

Lastly, unlike service animals, ESAs do not require training to perform specific tasks as the service animals usually do.

Service Animals:

Service animals require to go through extensive training to offer their support to the owners or handlers. Mainly, dogs are used as service animals.

If the person is visually impaired, a service animal is trained to support that person by safely navigating him so that he can live his life normally. There are different service dogs, including diabetic alert dogs, hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, etc.

Service dogs assist in significant activities, including setting off alarms, turning on lights, opening doors, alerting a person to potentially-deadly blood sugar levels, etc. They have various privileges and rights under federal law.

It is very important to know that ESAs and Service dogs are completely different. Hopefully, you will find the article helpful to know the difference between them.



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