Why Do We Need A Palate Expander?

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A palate expander is a  dental tool used to expand the upper jaw and create space in the mouth of a child so those upper and bottom teeth will fit together in a better way.  The process may sound a little scary but  It’s a quite simple and easy process, both to tolerate and to do. Although, the dental expander is mostly used on children and teenagers palate expander for adults can also be done.

But in palate expander for adults, it may take longer and be slightly more uncomfortable. The use of a dental expander is most often followed by the braces to level and straighten the teeth. The therapy is generally initiated at a very early age so that the mouth and bones can adapt to the skeletal changes.

What are the situations that call for maxillary expansion?

The three main situations that need mouth expander are-

  •  We can tell when there will not be enough space to accommodate them even before all of the child’s permanent teeth develop or come in
  • When the child’s upper jaw is too small or narrow to fit with the lower part of the jaw, instead of the outside, the back lower teeth will bite outside of the back upper teeth. This situation can be corrected by expanding the upper jaw.
  • Impacted teeth. When the other teeth block the teeth which haven’t fully come out yet. widening the jaw by using expander braces. This can help the teeth to erupt in the correct position on their own.

What should we expect from the dental expander procedure?

Expander teeth or mouth expanders can cause a feeling of pressure or soreness for a few minutes after the procedure is done. But activating for fixing an expander causes less pain and discomfort than tightening the braces. When the tongue adjusts to the appliance’s presence, speaking and eating might feel a little different for the child at first. It’s also quite normal to develop a gap or space between the front teeth. The dentist orthodontist says that this change shows the desired effect of the expander.

What do you mean by Rapid palatal expansion?

Rapid Maxillary Expansion (RME) or Rapid palatal expansion (RPE) is a technique of expansion where each day expansion of 0.5mm to 1mm is attained until the posterior crossbite is relieved. It can correct the crowding, narrow plates, and crossbites. A screw needs to turn with a special key in a small amount each day to create tension between the two palatal bones. The main goal of expander braces is to expand the dental arch, widen the upper jaw, and move the teeth within the jaw. orthodontic headgear can also be used to correct the misalignment. It is an old method that some orthodontists still use today.


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