General Hydroponics

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General Hydroponics was established in 1970’s by a group of innovative scientists, engineers and technicians with a view to take forward the revolutionary concept of Hydroponics. Today General hydroponics is a leading name in the hydroponics field. They have factories all over North America and Europe. Hydroponic cultivation by NASA on the International Space Station is done with assistance from General Hydroponics.

Hydroponics is an innovative technique for soil-less cultivation of plants in nutrient rich solutions. Hydroponics has some typical advantages over the conventional methods like the plants are healthier and grow mature early. They require less space and even if the gardener is out for a long time the plants don’t suffer. Hydroponics consume less space and water.

General Hydroponics products are used for hi-tech gardening, commercial crop production and for agricultural experiments in laboratories and Universities across the globe. The scientist and nutritionists at General Hydroponics are currently developing new hydroponic systems and perfecting nutrient formulas. These techniques and nutrient formulae will enhance yield, flavor and vitamin & mineral content in food crops. The Farm Division at General Hydroponics is testing many varieties of plants for growth rate, yield, flavor, nutrition, appearance, shelf life and hydroponic viability. Various techniques for growing top-quality crops of higher nutritional value are in experimental stages.

Three basic hydroponics techniques are used by General Hydroponics. In the first one, called nutrient film technique, roots of plants are suspended in nutrient mixture containing trough. The second one called aeroponics includes suspension of plants in mist and nutrients are supplied through an air pump. The third technique is aggregate system. The roots of plants are placed between inert materials like clay pebbles or foam chips dipped in nutrient solution.

Since hydroponics are not grown in soil they rely on nutrient solution mixed in water for their growth. Standard fertilizers are simply inadequate for them. Thus specially formulated fertilizers like General Hydroponics Nutrients are used for them. These are hydroponic fertilizer mixtures used under pH buffer of pH range 5 to 6. The nutrient mixture is changed every two weeks and during this time only more water is added to the plant. This is so because if the concentration of nutrient solution rises above a certain level this might burn the plant roots. General Hydroponics Nutrients are reliable, adaptable and pH buffered hydroponic nutrients. NASA uses their Flora-Series for space flight experiments.

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