How Does Laser Gum Surgery Work?

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Lasers do change atomic energy, which is how they operate. Atoms are moved by the laser light from their present resting state to a state referred to as the stimulated state. According to the best orthodontist near me, The bits produce energy known as spontaneous emission. The particles release light rays known as photons as they settle back into a resting shape.

laser gum surgery Houston procedure supplies the energy required to perform specific tasks, such as slicing tissue without a blade. Lasers are tubes that emit pinpointed and powerful light beams of thermal energy to perform multiple functions during laser gum surrey. Lasers can

  • Kill bacteria and germs
  • Cut and remove diseased tissue
  • Sterilize the area
  • Coagulate blood vessels from solid clots.

Can you describe the procedure of laser gum surgery?

Houston orthodontists frequently treat gum disease using the LANAPTrusted Source, also known as the laser-assisted new attachment process.

What to anticipate with laser gum surgery is as follows:

  • Your periodontist will position the fiber optic laser tip at the top of the periodontal pocket. The laser is comparable to three human hairs in size.
  • The laser will remove the unhealthy and swollen gum tissue from the pocket using focused light.
  • After the pocket has been cleared of bacteria and damaged tissue, they put the laser aside.
  • Afterward, the periodontist separates and cleans your teeth using an ultrasonic device.
  • After that, your periodontist will use an ultrasonic cleaning device to send sound waves to remove tartar and calcifications.
  • The laser is reinserted into the pocket to clean the bottom and remove suspicious material thoroughly.
  • The laser also creates a blood clot while sterilizing bone and tissue. The blood clot expedites healing and aids in the reattachment of the gums to the tooth. You do not require any stitches because of it.

What should you expect after laser gum surgery?

Some folks pick up where they left off the day after surgery, whereas some people might need a few days to feel fully caught up. You can expect mild soreness for a few days. The other transient negative consequences include slight bleeding, mild gum tissue discoloration, and edema.

you could include these aftercare guidelines:

Usually, the recovery process takes a week. In that interval, your periodontist or orthodontist in Houston might advise you to:

  • Eat a soft diet
  • Avoid brushing or flossing the affected area
  • Avoid using any nicotine products such as cigarettes

Your best orthodontist in Houston might advise you to rinse your mouth with warm salt water every few hours for the first one to two days to make your mouth feel better. Add 8 ounces of water and 1/2 teaspoon of salt together.

The water shouldn’t be too hot or chilly, please. laser surgery can reduce gum disease. You must, however, continue to practice good oral hygiene if you want to keep your mouth healthy and free of illness. These consist of:

  • brushing and flossing each day
  • visiting a dentist twice a year for cleaning and preventive care


We hope the above-given information will give you valuable insight into laser gum surgery. The above article focuses on the various beneficial aspects of laser gum surgery. For more informative details, please visit


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