Principals Affect High School Rankings For K-12 General Interest

February 13, 2021 - 0 COMMENTS


What data is considered for High School Rankings

for K-12 general interest? Newsweek Magazine is the most popular publication that ranks public high schools, and most high schools strive for inclusion. Newsweek journalist Jay Mathews devised the formula used by the magazine to determine which schools make the list. It looks at how many students took the Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate &/or Cambridge tests, and divides that number by how many graduating seniors the school has; and that is the standard for determining High School Rankings for K-12 general interest.

However, there are many other, immeasurable factors that go into High School Rankings for K-12 general interest. Many factors determine the success of the high schools; great teachers, motivated students, strong extra-curricular programs, and top-notch leadership.

Principals are the leaders of the school – they inspire and motivate not only the teachers, but the students themselves. Whether they realize it or not, and it’s safe to say that most do, they are the first factor in determining High School Rankings for K-12 general interest.

In my opinion, principals are the backbone of any school, and influence the entire atmosphere of – both academically and socially. High school principals, indeed principals at all levels, are leading schools that no longer simply focus on the 3 Rs; they have to support and influence honors programs, demonstrate strong leadership and motivation for teachers, support extracurricular clubs and activities, participate in community outreach, discipline students while being sensitive to a teenagers needs. All of these things motivate the principals, who are responsible for High School Rankings for K-12 general interest.

High School Rankings for K-12 general interest is something a high school principal must think about as well. How the school compares to other schools influences the success of the school in several ways. For the most part, the High School Rankings for K-12 general interest influence who comes to the school. Students and parents are the clientele, and principals want to draw them to their school; not only for the chance to further the students’ education, but to improve the prestige of the high school in question.

They are definitely looking at High School Rankings for K-12 general interest to see which school they want their children to attend.

A principal who is sensitive to High School Rankings for K-12 general interest faces many challenges, however. The job is a tough one – one that for most is 24/7. Even when they aren’t at the school, working for recognition in High School Rankings for K-12 general interest, they are out in the community, participating in school and neighborhood functions, talking about their jobs with peers, friends and family, or simply thinking about the next day and dreaming about it at night!

While economic background, race, parents’ education, and student achievement are all looked at to determine how successful a high school is, it is important to remember that a good leader – a motivational and determined principal affects High School Rankings for K-12 general interest.


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