Cereals by General Mills: A Breakfast Trademark Kids Surely Love

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A trademark can be distinguished as a name, symbol, design or words which set a part a good or service from one party to the other. Trademark is known to be a kind of “industrial property.”

Most companies and institutions establish a trademark to be identified as a separate entity from their competitor. For instance, General Mills. The company at this time owns several trademarks.

General Mills is a corporation which chiefly does business regarding variety of food products. The company is also known to be a distributor of many breakfast cereals.

The main office is located at Minnesota.

History of General Mills

In the mid 18th century, General Mills was first known to be “Minneapolis Milling Company” which charters rights to operate mills. Years after, the company decided to have a partnership with John Crosby. Minneapolis Milling Company then became “Washburn-Crosby Company.” Unfortunately, after a year an uneventful thing happened, this killed so many personnel and damaged many establishments.

In the early 19th century, the company gave birth to General Mills where it merged into other small milling companies. From then on, General Mills continue to expand.

It was on the year 1990 that General Mills began to merge with Nestle to promote and market cereals as one of breakfast menus in an undertaking they referred to as “Cereal Partners Worldwide.” The said cereals are marketed both in the United States and Europe.

Sometime in October, the company thought of ways to boost the “cereal market” by creating themed-breakfast cereals. The themes mostly revolve in “friendly monster” such as Boo Berry for blueberry-flavored cereals. Chocolate-flavored cereals are with Count Chocula and those who love strawberries should have a constant encounter with Franken Berry.

Some General Mills’ Breakfast Cereals

1. Cheerios

General Mills created and marketed the first ready-to-eat cereal which is oat-based by the brand name “Cheerios.”

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (CTC)

This type of cereal is manufactured by General Mills. CTC is made of small square or rectangular shape cereals which are coated with cinnamon and sugar.

3. Cocoa Puffs

This breakfast cereal is described to be “puff” sphere-like which is cocoa-coated. Later on, General Mills also developed “a cereal Cocoa Puff bar” for its consumers.

4. Golden Grahams

Tiny-toasted square-shaped pieces of cereal define Golden Grahams. The taste blends a combination of honey and brown sugar. Findings show that this type of cereal is found to be one of the saltiest cereals.

5. Oatmeal Crisp

With this type of cereal, your breakfast will never be dull since you have a choice of flavoring from almond, apple brown sugar, raisins, berry, maple nut or yogurt in vanilla flavor.

6. Reese’s Puffs

General Mills originally introduced Reese’ Peanut Butter Puffs with combined chocolate and peanut butter flavoring. As time passed by, the two flavors were divided into two separate flavors.

7. Trix

This type of breakfast cereal is considered to be the most popular among consumers. It may be due to its sweet taste complimented by fruity flavoring.

8. Lucky Charms

In the late 1960s General Mills created Lucky Charms which is a well known breakfast cereal today. This type of cereal is composed of tiny bits of oats which are toasted. You can also find colorful marshmallow in different shapes inside every cereal box.

9. Total

If you happen to be a lover of wheat, then this type of cereal will be best-suited for you. Total is composed of flakes made from whole grain wheat.

10. Wheaties

This type of cereal is commonly linked with sports-advocate people due to its popular slogan. Wheaties is made from a mix of wheat and bran baked into flakes.

There are different selections of Total cereals which you can choose from.

Before the above-mentioned breakfast cereals by General Mills, the company formerly manufactured some recognized cereals such as Country Corn Flakes, Frosty Os, Jets, Twinkles, and USA Crunch.

At this time, General Mills offer a variety of breakfast cereals under different brand names. The company makes it a point that the cereal products they produce and sell are quality-cereals which provides healthy options and optimum satisfaction for their consumers.

Apart from cereals, General Mills also offer different food products which you or your family members can try.

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