S355jr pipe

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  1. What is the S355jr pipe equivalent grade?

According to the EN10025 standard, S355JR is structural-grade steel. International standards, like ASTM, JIS, DIN, and GB, have the same grades as S355JR steel pipe. These grades are:

  • ASTM A572 Grade 50
  • JIS G3106 SM490A
  • DIN 17100 ST52-3
  • GB/T1591 Q345B

Based on their chemical makeup and mechanical properties, these grades are the same as S355JR steel pipe and can be used in most situations. But it’s essential to remember that the equivalent grade might not have the same corrosion resistance or other properties. In addition to the equivalent grades listed above, S355JR steel pipe is often compared to S235JR, S275JR, and S355J2 structural steel grades.

S355JR pipe is a versatile structural grade steel widely used in the construction industry for structural and mechanical parts. It has the same mechanical properties as S235JR, S275JR, and S355J2. But S355JR has a higher yield and tensile strength, making it better for use in applications with excessive stress.

  1. S355jr vs. mild steel

S355JR and mild steel are both made of carbon steel, but there are some critical differences between the two.

Mild steel, also called low-carbon steel, has 0.05–0.25% carbon and yield strength of 36,000–55,000 PSI. It can be bent easily and is easy to weld, so that it can be used for a wide range of things like construction, car parts, and machinery.

On the other hand, S355JR has 0.22-0.29% carbon and yield strength of about 355 MPa (51,000 PSI). It also has a higher tensile strength than mild steel, between 470 and 630 MPa (68,000 to 91,000 PSI). S355JR is a more robust steel that works better in high-stress situations like bridges, buildings, and parts of heavy machinery.

Mild steel is a low-carbon steel that can be used for many things because it is flexible and easy to weld. Due to its higher yield and tensile strength, S355JR is a higher-strength steel that is better for use in high-stress situations.

  1. What is the cost of 20 feet of 16mo3 pipe?

The price of a 20-foot 16Mo3 pipe can vary depending on the supplier, the location, the size and quantity of the pipe, the type of finish, and any extra features or certifications. Most of the time, a 16Mo3 pipe will cost more because it is more robust and less likely to rust.

The price can also change based on the type of finish, such as black paint, galvanization, or polishing. The pipe can also be seamless or welded, with seamless being more expensive. The price of 20 feet of 16mo3 pipe stands at $10.79 per foot.

16mo3 pipe suppliers offer a wide range of 16Mo3 steel pipes. This type of steel doesn’t rust very quickly, so it’s often used in the building and engineering industries. It is also used to make boilers, vessels that hold much pressure, and heat exchangers.

  1. What is the ASTM equivalent of 16mo3 pipe?

ASTM A335 Grade P1 is the ASTM equivalent of 16Mo3 pipe. ASTM A335 Grade P1 is a steel pipe made of a ferritic alloy. The chemical composition of this grade is made to meet the mechanical property requirements. The alloy is used in places with very high temperatures. The pipe must be made either without seams or by welding, with no filler metal added to the welding process.

ASTM A335 Grade P1 is often used in power plants, refineries for oil and gas, and boilers. The material can be formed by bending, flanging, and similar techniques, and it can also be welded using a fusion process.

ASTM A335 Grade P1 has a minimum tensile strength of 415 Mpa and a minimum yield strength of 205 Mpa. The pipe doesn’t rust and can last long in places with high temperatures. Due to the formation of the sigma phase, it is essential to know that ASTM A335 Grade P1 should not be left at temperatures above 482°C (900°F) for a long time.

  1. How is the S355jr pipe import price calculated in turkey?

The import price of S355JR pipe in Turkey is based on several things, such as the cost of the raw materials, the cost of making the pipe, and the cost of shipping it. The price could also be affected by the supply and demand for steel pipes worldwide and by any tariffs or import duties the Turkish government might put in place.

The price of the S355JR pipe is mainly based on the cost of the raw materials, such as steel.

The price of the S355JR pipe is also affected by the cost of making it, which includes the cost of labor and the cost of making the pipe. Using advanced technologies and making the production process as efficient as possible can help keep costs down.

The import price is also affected by transportation costs, like how much it costs to ship the pipe from the supplier to Turkey. The shipping cost can be affected by how far away the supplier is and what transportation is used.

Lastly, tariffs and import duties set by the Turkish government can also affect how much the S355JR pipe costs to bring into Turkey. These taxes and fees can add to the total price of the pipe for people in Turkey to buy.


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