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The one dominant characteristic of the modern consumer and industrial world is the prevalence of electronic products and solutions. Wherever you turn, you will find an electronic solution to an age-old problem.

And an electronics directory can open a door into this world for you, whether you are a consumer, businessperson or solutions designer.

Organization of an Electronics Directory

While paper-based printed directories might still exist, online Web directories are the norm these days. The online directories enable finding what you want far more quickly. You click the mouse a few times instead of thumbing through the pages of the print directory, and phoning promising suppliers.

Online directories link directly to the websites of listed companies and other resources, and you can get detailed information (anonymously) before you select a promising source.

Electronics directories can come in different formats, from the staid Open Directory that simply lists links to a limited number of electronics resources to those that actively seek to promote the businesses of the thousands of electronics companies they list.

Electronics being a large field, it might be difficult to navigate to what you want. A careful scheme of organization and navigation is needed to make the electronics directory really useful to users with different objectives.

A good electronics directory would help you find what you want in different ways. For example, a directory might allow you to search in three ways:

    • Using a search facility, often in different ways such as searching by product or location
    • By major popular product lines, say, Consumer Electronics, Computer Hardware and Electronic Components
    • By more detailed product lines such as Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras or Semi Conductors

A sample, mainly consumer oriented, categorization might be as follows:

Audio electronics, Batteries & chargers, Cables & connectors, Cameras & optics, Car electronics, Computers & laptops, Electronic components, Lightings & lamps, Microelectronics, Office electronics, Optoelectronics, Portable electronics, Power supplies, Presentation equipment / projectors, RF & microwave electronics, Security electronics, TV & video, Telecommunications

Electronics Directory Contents

The contents of electronics directories can be varied, from just links to listed entities to informative content. The latter type of directories might provide useful information about each product line, say, Laptop Computers, explaining what they are and elaborating on other aspects of the product, in addition to listing companies that sell the product.

Some directories even provide general electronic information that can be used as tutorials.

Regional and Niche Electronic Directories

Many electronic directories are regional in that they list only suppliers in particular regions. This might be helpful to find a supplier near you. However, the main objective of regional directories is to promote the businesses in their regions.

Niche directories focus on specific areas under the broad field of electronics. For example, there might be Audio/Video directories listing suppliers under this popular category.


Electronics open you to the modern world, offering solutions to practically everything. This wide variety also means that the directory needs to be organized carefully to make it easy to find what users want.

Directories might also include helpful information (even tutorials) that explains different electronic applications and probably help to expand the market.



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