Electronics Camera

March 26, 2021 - 0 COMMENTS


There is a mindset in the world that any type of electronics camera has to be packed with the best features, and provided by retailers at the lowest price. People are willing to shop at reparable dealers, auctions sites, and also through backstreet vendor and supposedly authorized dealers in Asian countries who boast to have the best electronics camera choice.

These consumers are searching for the magical price that will make their electronics camera purchase the very best. The electronics cameras that are available vary slightly by their features, and are brought to the public in a wide variety of progressive marketing methods that are aggressive, clever, misleadingly honest and quite confusing to the average consumer that simply is looking for a good price to spend on an electronics camera.

The electronics camera market is saturated with a multitude of models that are offered by different manufacturers. The features and styles are relatively the same when you do comparison views on the manufacturers website. One camera manufacturer offer 3 models that are considered high-end, therefore they deserve a higher price, when they simply differ in the number of mega pixels available on the various electronics camera model.

This same camera manufacturer has reproduced the same model of hand held electronics camera, marketing on an attractive model name that is well over stated, and marketed with a difference in electronics camera styled model numbering jargon.

This exact same electronics camera in their product line is featured in 19 different ways, in a variety of stylish and perky colors, but the relative difference in all of the models is a minor non-offering of the digital still image recording feature in about 3 of the models.

The audacity that this manufacturer takes in price gouging on subtle differences is simply outrageous. The prices for these models with mostly the same exact features are greatly different and fluctuate with the old adage of supply and demand. The consumer that is not aware of this subtle difference could spend an extra hundred for an electronics camera that could give them the same performance.

The consumer is not interested in being ghosted by impressive names and hidden qualities in an electronics camera. The consumer simply would like show interest and receive answers to their questions, and be able to buy an electronics camera that they can enjoy and use to record the special memories of their life.


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