The History And Significance Of Sapphire And Ruby

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There are very few gemstone which has a rich and glorifying history at the same level as ruby and sapphire. The stories, the symbolism, and the enriching linkage with different mythologies have cemented the throne of ruby and sapphire gemstones among the best jewels. If you are keen to know about the magnificent past of ruby and sapphire gemstones, then read this article till the end, as this article will navigate you through each and every aspect of ruby and sapphire gemstones.

Origins And Formation

The saying “good things take time” is appropriate in the case of the development of rubies and sapphire gemstones as they remain deep inside the Earth for millions of years in order to get the corundum mineral family stature they have been blessed with today. They are formed when a tremendous amount of heat and pressure is put on oxygen and aluminum atoms which results in the stunning blue sapphire stone and the vivid red color of rubies.

Symbolism And Beliefs

There always has been a special place for ruby and sapphire gemstones in various cultures and civilizations because of their identity and unique associations. For instance, sapphires are many a time linked to knowledge, loyalty, and grandeur. It is believed that they had the mystical powers to offer protection, luck, and spiritual enlightenment. Same as sapphires, rubies of red or light green gemstone are associated with passion, love, and vigor. They were regarded as royal gemstones and were supposed to have the capacity to bring success and fortune.

Legends And Mythology

Ruby and sapphire were commonly known as the “king of gemstones,” and there are various valid reasons for that. The traces of dark ruby and sapphire gemstones can be easily found in old folk tales, stories of legends, and various mythologies. Sapphires were believed to have a connection to the skies in old periods, with many tribes accepting the fact that the Earth was sustained by a massive sapphire on which the sky rested. On the other hand, many people believed that the rubies were linked with fire and were thought to be protective against evil and disaster. 

Famous Sapphire And Ruby Jewelry

Throughout the course of history, there have hardly been any kings or queens whose crowns, jewels, or regalia have not been decorated with gemstones like sapphire and ruby. The magnificent ring presented by Prince Charles to Princess Diana for the engagement, which had a huge sapphire encircled by a number of diamonds around it, is one renowned example. Also, the British Crown Jewels contain superb sapphires and rubies in various colors like red ruby, Black Sapphire, etc., which demonstrate their enduring beauty and royal charm.

To Sum It Up

The value and significance of sapphire and ruby gemstones are not limited to just simple jewels; they are the representation of deeply embedded history, passion, and strength. This article has provided you with all the significant details related to sapphire and ruby gemstone; if you wish to buy, then visit the online store.


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