What Are the Causes of Cracked Teeth?

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You may have cracked due to chewing hard food, teeth grinding at night, and may be due to aging. It’s a common condition and may lead to tooth loss and infection.

Causes of a cracked tooth

Here is some reason you may have cracked a tooth:

  • Pressure exertion from teeth grinding.
  • Filling may weaken your tooth.
  • Chewing or hard-biting food such as ice, nuts, or candy
  • Accident or blow to your mouth from a car accident, fall, or fighting.
  • Due to instant changes in temperature in the mouth
  • If you are over 50, your teeth might crack easily

What are the Types of cracked teeth?

Cracks can appear as:

Craze lines: There are tiny small cracks in your teeth enamel of teeth. They cause nothing and don’t require any treatment.

Fractured cusp: This type of crack occurs around a dental filling. However, don’t affect the pulp and doesn’t cause much pain.

Cracks into the gum line: A tooth with cracks and extent do not reach the gum line. However, if the cracks extend into the gum line, your tooth may be extracted. If you visit an emergency dentist Houston texas, immediately, the chances of saving teeth are high.

Symptoms of a cracked tooth

Not every cracked tooth possesses symptoms, but here are some common cases symptoms, including:

  • If you find any pain during chewing or biting
  • Sensitivity due to heat, cold, or sweetness
  • Pain that comes and goes
  • Swelling around the gums

Diagnosing and examination of a cracked tooth

X-rays don’t narrow down most conditions, so your dentist diagnoses a cracked tooth with the following tests:

  • They will ask about any past medical history, such as whether you chew much hard food or grind your teeth at night.
  • Dental office Houston tx uses magnifying glasses to see and find tiny cracks
  • Your dentist will use a dental exploration around the mouth to see any cracks or edges on your teeth.
  • They may use dental dye to spotlight cracks.
  • They will look for inflammation to determine vertical cracks, which may irritate the gums
  • They will do digital scanning to indicate pulp infection or health

What is the Treatment for a cracked tooth?

The Treatment for cracked teeth depends on th size of the crack, location, symptoms, and complexity of the case. Depending on those factors, emergency dentist Houston recommends the following Treatment.


In this process, your dentist uses a plastic resin material to fill the cracks and help restore their look and function.


Dental crowns are prosthetic devices made from porcelain or ceramic. It fits over the damaged tooth.

To fit the crown, your dentist shaves your teeth enamel and makes room for the crown in your mouth. Then makes an impression on the tooth and blends the color with surrounding teeth with the help of a color guide. Then a dental technician fabricates the crown in a couple of weeks.

On your second visit, a dental clinic near me places a crown with cement and uses UV light to fasten the process.


If you experience any pain or discomfort while eating and drinking cold or hot items, you may have cracks in your teeth; therefore, you should consider visiting an emergency dentist Houston tx for a thorough checkup and Treatment.


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