What Do You Need to Know About a Dental Bone Graft?

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A dental bone graft is a treatment performed to increase bone parts in the jaw where additional support is needed. Your dentist or surgeon will use bone from elsewhere in the body and fuse it to existing bone structures. Sometimes they will use synthetic bone material. Dental bone graft is needed if procedures like dental implants affect the health of surrounding bone and gums.

Bone grafting procedure

There are various ways of dental bone grafting treatment, but the basic procedure is the same: Your dentist makes an incision in the jaw and grafts bone to the jaw.

Your dentist uses a bone grafting procedure if someone has less or no bone density or has gum disease. They preferred bone from the hip, tibia, or back of the jaw, known as an autograft. They will help increase bone support in the jaw and promote faster dental healing and bone formation.

Who is a candidate for bone graft?

Here is some common reason you may need dental bone grafting.

Implants for missing teeth

If you are getting a dental implant in place of a missing or gap between your teeth, you may need bone graft dental. Dental implants are artificial roots shaped like screws that your dentist places in the jawbone. Then they will place a dental crown on cosmetic dental implants. Often bone grafting is necessary to provide a strong base for an implant. According to reliable studies, more than half of patients need Bone Graft for Dental Implant.

Tooth loss or gum disease

Even if you are not receiving a dental implant, bone grafting may be necessary to support a jaw section that has lost bone due to tooth loss or gum disease.

Because bone loss can start to affect surrounding bone and gums tissue, and help stabilize the jaw with a bone graft and prevent further bone loss.

If gum disease isn’t managed effectively, it can lead to further tooth loss and even cause heart complications.

Bone loss

Other candidates for bone grafting include those whose facial appearance has been affected due to bone loss. Instant loss of bone mass can hoax your face shape and size.

Without healthy bone structure underneath, the lips, cheeks, and muscles around them can change appearance, and the skin near the jaw looks more wrinkled.

Bone loss is widespread among older people, just as the development of bone-thinning conditions can increase the chance of getting older. Therefore you should consider visiting a dentist for routine checkups. Hence, they will recommend bone grafting to strengthen the condition if they find less bone mass.

How do I prepare for a dental bone graft?

You don’t need to prepare for dental bone grafting. Here are some common steps you should do before the bone grafting procedure.

  • You should avoid drinking anything atleast 8 to 12 hours before the procedure, depending on the seduction procedure used.
  • You should tell your dentist about any medication or drugs you are not because they may increase the chances of complications during the surgery.


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