What quality is the stainless steel 420 round bar?

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Stainless Steel Grade 420 is a type of high-carbon steel with a chromium content of 12%. It is used widely in industries and can be made more usable on hardening through heat treatment. The products from the same Steel Grade like Stainless Steel 420 Round Bar offers good ductility in their annealed state. They also offer excellent corrosion resistance properties when the metal is polished, surface grounded, or hardened.

The composition of Steel Grade 420 involves a minimum of 0.15% of Carbon, 1% of Manganese and Silicon each, and 12-14% of Chromium along with Sulfur and Phosphorus in smaller amounts. They can be easily machined in annealed conditions and are available for welding with the help of welding rods. It is used in the manufacture of shear blades, needle valves, surgical equipment, and cutlery equipment like carving knives, table knives, and so on.

How hard can you get 420 stainless steel round bars?

The 420 Stainless Steel Grade is famous for giving out the highest hardness possible among all the stainless steel grades having the same chromium content. The highest hardness it reaches is 50 HRC (Hardness value of various heat treatment processes) which makes it difficult to be machined. However, the machinability can be easily increased when it is in its annealed state.

This process of heat treatment, where the steel is hardened, involves heating 420 sheets of steel at 980 to 1035°C. The heating is followed by air or oil quenching after which tempering may be performed. Tempering takes place at 150 to 370°C to achieve further hardness and good mechanical properties.

Can a 430F stainless steel round bar be hardened?

430F Stainless Steel is a type of ferritic steel as well as a combination of martensitic and austenitic steel. It is non-hardenable steel because it contains straight chromium, and belongs to the ferritic group of steels. The alloy is considered similar to the 430 stainless steel with increased sulfur. The presence of Sulfur increases the machinability of the metal but gets reduced in terms of ductility. It has an ultimate tensile strength of 550MPa and a modulus of elasticity 200GPa.

The chemical composition of 430F stainless bar stock involves iron up to 81%, chromium up to 16%, manganese up to 1.25% silicon up to 1% along with molybdenum, sulfur, carbon, and potassium in smaller amounts. Due to the presence of large amounts of chromium in the material, it is also known as precipitation-hardened steel.

What is the 430f round bar used for?

430F Stainless Steel Round Bar is a product of Stainless Steel Grade 430F along with many others. It is used in many industries, including the food, chemical, and aerospace industries. It is used in the manufacture of products used in transportation, energy production industries, construction of bridges and buildings, and reinforcement for concrete structures, foundation walls, and columns.

430F Steel Grade has improved corrosion resistance and mechanical properties than the 430 stainless steel. It even provides rust resistance in the atmosphere, freshwater, and seawater. It has a Brinell hardness of 170 and a Knoop hardness of 189. The material is easy to weld and machine, so it is used for different applications like marine structures, offshore oil platforms, chemical plants, food processing equipment, containers for corrosive liquids, and equipment operating under severe conditions.

How much does it cost to import a 430f stainless steel bar to Turkey?

India has been growing as a producer and is aptly increasing its exports to leading nations as well as contributing to its developments. A data report on India’s Export given by Volza states in 2021 stated that steel bar export shipments from India to Turkey stood at 12.1K exported by 114 India Exporters to 114 Turkey Buyers. India holds an important place in exports of its Steel bar to Turkey and therefore, is counted among the largest exporters of steel bars in the world. The top 1 exporters of Steel bars include India with 12,143 shipments.

The current price of 430F Stainless Steel products, ranging from size 2 mm to 300 mm stands around ₹ 195 per kilogram. The price of the imports can be known by contacting the 420 stainless steel round bar suppliers and factories. Many industries provide direct factory supply to the buyers so that can be checked by surfing the internet.

Is it a better cost for 420 stainless round bars to manufacture in India or China?

China forms one of the biggest producers of the world’s steel and that too at unthinkable prices. According to a few reports, China has installed a steel capacity of up to 1.2 billion tonnes which is more than 50% of the world’s overall capacity. Other countries including France, the US, the UK, United Arab Emirates, and many more are also producers of steel products.

India, with time, has also gradually started growing as a producer of steel products along with raw materials. We are aptly manufacturing products including stainless steel goods, and that too in higher quality, which makes the rates of these 420 stainless round bars run higher. The product manufactured in India remains of far better quality than what you can get from China at a cheaper rate. So, if we are considering quality vise, India’s steel products and materials are far better than the Chinese and are also available easily at the same time in domestic markets.


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