What to Know About Zoom Teeth Whitening?

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You may notice your teeth could be brighter and white. Several products are available for instant whitening of your teeth, which is considered a cosmetic procedure. One of them is the Zoom treatment procedure.

Best Dentist In Houston recommends the zoom treatment procedure to whiten your teeth, from a procedure at the dentist to an at-home solution. This procedure assures safety and effectiveness as compared to other dental teeth whitening.

How Zoom teeth whitening works

There are several types of whitening treatments on the market, some of which you get at your dentist’s office and others at home.

This procedure involves teeth whitening substances, including hydrogen peroxide. The quickest and most effective way of treatment includes LED light during the procedure and whitening your teeth.

The zoom treatment can make your teeth significantly brighter after 45 minutes at your dentist’s office. It involves a whiting solution and an LED lamp. However at-home treatment option utilizes a tray filled with whitening gel that can whiten your teeth in 2 weeks. Visit your dentist to know what is best for you.

How long does Zoom teeth whitening last?

With proper dental practices, your zoom whitening treatment can last several months or even years. According to reliable studies, zoom whitening teeth can last upto 12-15 months. Visit your dentist to know both pros and cons of zoom teeth whitening near me.

Does Zoom teeth whitening hurt?

Zoom whitening products won’t hurt during the procedure, but you have to get used to trays feeling, but they shouldn’t be painful to wear.

What is the aftercare like for Zoom teeth whitening?

Your dentist will recommend you some post-treatment instructions. During your treatment, your dentist bruhs up the varnish applied to your teeth after half hour. Also, they will ask to avoid food and drinks like coffee, tea, and wine that can stain your teeth.

How much does Zoom teeth whitening cost?

At-home treatments will cost less than your Zoom teeth whitening; also, you need a dental consultant for the treatment, in which your dentist will tell your price based on the location and severity of your teeth.

However, teeth whitening Houston is cosmetic, and most insurance doesn’t cover the costs. So it will lose your pocket.


You may find your teeth have become dull and discolored as you grow; this may be because of the consumption of certain foods and beverages or if you’re on medications for a long time. Then you should visit your dentist for proper treatment and diagnosis of your teeth.

Also, your dentist will ensure that your teeths are in good condition before giving you any Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. Also, you should tell any past health history or any allergies you may have. Also, your dentist will tell you all the pros and cons of the treatment.


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