Why is My Invisalign Popping Off My Back Teeth?

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Most orthodontists recommend Invisalign to patients looking for effective ways to get straight teeth quickly. As Invisalign braces are a comfortable way to achieve the goal, most individuals prefer them. But the braces must be fitted correctly in your teeth to produce the best outcomes efficiently and promptly. Consult orthodontic specialists in Florida to gather detailed information about it.

However, there might be chances that your Invisalign North Miami braces are popping off your back teeth, or the braces are not fitting correctly on a single tooth for specific reasons. We have discussed all the particular reasons below;

How should Invisalign fit?

Specialists fit Invisaligns against your teeth without leaving any noticeable gaps. However, you may notice a few small gaps around your teeth when you visit your dentist to have a new tray in, but as soon as your teeth move, there are no gaps left behind. Orthodontist specialists fit them snugly according to your teeth shape so that neither they are loose or tight inside the mouth. You should pay visits to your dentists as they will track the progress of your teeth’ mobility.

Since each tray helps provide certain teeth movements, every tooth set works slightly differently. After your dentist installs the Invisalign braces near me, you may feel that your aligners have become a bit looser which is quite normal.

Why is my Invisalign not fitting?

If your Invisalign braces Hollywood fl does not fit properly, it can be a matter of concern. The reasons behind it are;

  • You have a new set of aligners that require massage to enhance tracking.
  • You didn’t wear the Invisalign aligners for recommended hours (twenty-two) per day; as a result, you didn’t achieve the desired tooth movements.
  • You have damaged aligners. They can be damaged due to drinking hot beverages, cleaning Invisalign trays, or you forget them in a hot car, causing them to be wrapped. And if they are covered, you won’t get a proper fitting.

What should I do if my Invisalign aligners don’t fit correctly?

Visit only a certified orthodontist as they can perform the installation task more precisely. During the procedure, the orthodontist will place the aligners and push them over the front teeth first. Then they use the fingers to produce gentle pressure on the molars to keep the aligner in place. Afterward, they firmly press the aligners with their thumbs to seat them perfectly.

Suppose there is still a loose fitting on one tooth. In that case, your dentists may recommend Invisalign chewies or bite sticks to eliminate any gaps and air bubbles and enhance the fitting of the aligners.

How to use Invisalign chewies?

According to the specialist, chewies for approximately ten to fifteen minutes, especially after replacing a new tray. You will have to perform chewing exercises after placing aligners inside the mouth in the morning and at night. It will allow aligners to be snug and keep your aligners fixed in place. So, whenever you feel air bubbles between the aligners, put the Invisalign chewy in your mouth between your lower and upper teeth. Now, push it firmly in place for about five seconds.

So, whenever you feel that your Invisalign aligners are not perfectly fit, schedule an appointment with your dentist and get the proper treatment.


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