Can Gums Regenerate on Their Own?

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Do you feel pain, swelling, redness, or declining gums while brushing and flossing your teeth? Then this means you have gum regeneration. This may occur for various reasons such as putting too much force while brushing against gum diseases. The potential features are genetics and oral care habits.

Gum regeneration will lead to a tooth sensation and influence your smile. Also, the receding gums will not grow back again, many ways are there to detect the gum recession and avert it from getting worse.

Read on the below article to learn more about gum regeneration Houston.

What is gum regeneration?

The gum regeneration process is a pouch that leads to creating a receding gum line. After this, the collagen strips are put in the pouch. The pouch permits the gums to gently put back where they belong from, covering the roots of your teeth. The collagen will carry the gums in place and motivate them to develop new collagen at that site.  With the two-months mark, the collagen added has been entirely absorbed and replaced with new gum growth. All such things are carried out in the Dentistry Near Me.

What causes gum regeneration?

Following is the list of Causes Gum Recession-

  • Bad oral health
  • Smoking
  • Brushing your teeth hardly
  • Periodontitis
  • Clenching or grinding of your teeth

What are the treatments that stop gum regeneration?

Are you also in search of Gum Regeneration Treatment Houston? Or wondering to have a gum receding treatment. Then the very first thing to do is book an appointment with the dentist and get professional advice on how to stop the gum recession. However, several treatments are there for the receding gums including-

  • Gum surgery
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Gum graft

What is the treatment of gum regeneration?

The LANAP Dental Procedure of gum regeneration is an in-office treatment to regain and regenerate new gum tissues, altering the damages that occur by gum disease. At the time of this process, the surgeon gathers the soft tissues from the roots of your mouth or order some parts of the body and put them in the parts that have insufficient gum tissue. Till over time, your body heals, preparing the gum graft as an integral part of the anatomy. Also, the gum graft encourages the natural regeneration of tissue.

How to fix gum regeneration?

The gum regeneration starts early before you experience the first sensation with hot or cold things. If they are left untreated, then it would lead to big issues. Significantly, such a loss can be cured with a simple process at the Dental Office Houston.

The method of collagen gun recession is the method where the collagen is put back in the receding gum line. Such collagen provokes new gum growth.

Should the gum recession grow back?

The answer is simply, No! If you have damaged gums, for instance, periodontitis. This is the most critical form of gum disease, and it is not possible to grow them back again. Although the receding gums would not reverse, some treatments hinder you from getting this problem worse.

The takeaways

Hopefully, the above article has made you clear everything about the gum regeneration and treatment of this. Further wanting to know more about this term, do visit our website or contact the Houston Dental Center.


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