General Electric Monogram Appliances

February 13, 2021 - 0 COMMENTS


General Electric Monogram Appliances are the latest from the electronics manufacturer. The Monogram collection is a top of the line collection featuring dozens of items, from electric wine cabinets to range hoods, everything imaginable in between is offered.

General Electric Monogram Appliances are not available at the run of the mill home improvement store, but only at high end custom design retailers. This limitation is to preserve the integrity of the brand and give the products an exclusive high end feel. General Electric Monogram Appliances are borderline professional quality and come with a hefty price tag for the average consumer. A lower end Monogram stove starts at about $5000.00 and the sky is the limit for higher grade models. A complete kitchen could very easily near 50,000. Many new home builders and designers exclusively offer General Electric Monogram Appliances in their new site builds. This being very nice for the homebuyer because all of the appliances match and blend together extremely well through out the kitchen and home.

Ever since the first launch of the General Electric Monogram Appliances over 20 years ago it has been a tough road for General Electric. This company had a reputation for being a middle class appliance manufacturer and not in the ranks of Viking or Sub-Zero. Trendsetting architects and designers have were hired by General Electric to give the line an updated modern look. Virtually all of the General Electric Monogram Appliances are featured in wrapped stainless steel and feature a sleek minimalist look. Depending on the model that is purchased, many General Electric Monogram Appliances include computer systems and even door alarms.

If a customer wants to see the latest available General Electric Monogram appliances they just need to go to the General Electric Monogram online showroom. For those with some time and a more disposable income they can go to the physical 10,000 square foot showroom in Louisville Kentucky. The General Electric Monogram appliances showroom is itself a work of art. Local architects designed the building with features from the appliances, such as the roof resembling a range hood.

This showroom woo’s the prospective buyer with model kitchens and homes catering to the every need of the high end consumer. It takes three days to complete a tour of the showroom and there are many activities to keep the customer involved and help sell the General Electric Monogram Appliances. A good nights rest is also offered as part of the package at the premium 21c Museum Hotel. Swag bags including a fully loaded iPod are given as thank you gifts. All a small investment for General Electric when the potential buyers invoice is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The company is planning on spending 100 million dollars in the year 2007 alone; this increase being 50% more than in 2005. All of the hard work and investment seems to be paying off for General Electric. 2006 sales were up 10% while the rest of the high end appliance market was stagnant.


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