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How Men Can Look Good in Purple Outfits

June 18, 2022 - 0 COMMENTS


A man’s ability to wear purple clothes often depends on his style and coloring, with some guys nailing it while others fail miserably. This guide on how men can look good in purple outfits will help you discover which color purple looks best on you, as well as how to match it with other colors, while avoiding common fashion mistakes that make people look ridiculous when they wear purple clothing or purple outfits of any kind.

What It Means to Wear Purple

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with your favorite television character or your favorite color. Purple is associated with royalty and power; a purple suit can make you feel like a king. Embrace it by getting some purple threads for that special event coming up soon. But before you rush out and purchase something bold, read on for advice on how to look good in purple clothes. Do your research: You might be wary of wearing a dark purple suit simply because you think it’s too bold or too flashy, but since we already mentioned that powerful people wear these things all of the time, there shouldn’t be any reason to fret—just do your research!

Best Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Dark purple suits might not be for everyone. However, dark purple outfits can look great on certain men with darker skin tones, provided they wear them correctly. These days, most men have a little more leeway when it comes to fashion thanks to denim and t-shirts being acceptable (almost) everywhere. Still, there are certain rules of thumb that apply to all outfits. When it comes to dark purple suits or clothes, you’ll want your outfit to highlight your features without covering them up; darker colors tend to make you look more slender, but if you wear an entire outfit that’s dark purple, it could make you look shorter than you actually are.

Wear Too Much, And You’ll Look Like Barney Stinson

Like all colours, purple has a range of shades from light to dark. If you’re new to wearing purple, avoid going all-out with an outfit that is two-thirds or more purple. Instead, start out by pairing just one item—like a tie or pocket square—with a suit or dress shirt of a different colour. Go even lighter by trying out accessories such as ties and cufflinks. To transition into a complete purple outfit, break it up with neutral colours like white and black rather than adding more purple items directly on top of each other.

The Perfect Color Combination

While some of us can wear any color and look good, most of us aren’t so lucky. But we can still get some mileage out of our wardrobe by picking complementary colors that blend well together to create a balanced look. When it comes to purple, pairing with black is always a safe bet; together they form a classic combination that has stood out from the crowd for centuries. Here are some modern examples of how well purple and black go together

When To Wear It

We tend to be a little intimidated by those who are a little different than us. But embracing our differences can make it easier to interact with people from different cultures, generations and walks of life. And, sometimes these differences make you stand out even more. It’s not just what you wear that makes an impression—it’s how you wear it. Confidence and assertiveness are attractive qualities that help convey your unique personality, making them perfect for wearing purple outfits. All men can look good in purple outfits if they dare to be bold enough to experiment with new styles.

Don’t Be Afraid of Confrontation

While you might be afraid to say something because you don’t want to offend anyone, remember that your goal is to look good. Don’t forget that dressing sharp means being comfortable enough with yourself to not worry about how others will perceive you. For example, if someone else has a shirt that clashes with yours, speak up and ask him to change his shirt. If he gets offended or refuses, just move on. It isn’t worth risking a wardrobe malfunction over; just choose another shirt instead. You can also practice by trying it out on people who won’t mind such an interaction – friends or family members who won’t think less of you for speaking up!


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