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Ever battled with after pregnancy sleepless nights?  Not a pleasant picture, is it?  Your bed becomes a battleground where you can’t sleep or rest.  No longer do you look forward to burrowing into the covers.  Instead, you sleep light as a baby can wake at any moment.

And, somehow, the more you want to avoid it, the worse the struggle becomes.  An exhausting never-ending cycle.

But what if there were an inexpensive and simple way that let your baby sleep?  To turn bedtime into a systematic routine you need to make a few adjustments.  The answer lies in the night light sound machine –as well as creating a perfectly tranquil environment.

Here are five tips to get the most out of the portable sound machine baby  — and for eliminating competing stimuli at bedtime.

  • Generate white noise: A “white noise machine” could be as basic as a fan or air conditioner. Those who do not like the humming noise in the room may get one sound machine device.  There are many on the market;  you need to choose which one is particularly curated for the babies.  Other electronic sound machines on the market play dreaming sound like mellow:  ocean waves, rainforest sounds, or waterfalls. The right solution for you may depend on how the baby is responding to it. Those who live near the sea enjoy the soft sea sound playing in the machine.  Many sound machines give an array of options, so it’s easy to experiment and find the right type of white noise for your situation.
  • Put up thick curtains. Think about those days when you don’t see the sight of light. Mostly in the hotel rooms. Most of us don’t use those heavy lines in homes–but they really do help in having the best and undisturbed sleep. Shop for some blackout curtains for your bedroom–or consult with an interior decorator for information about fabric and the best place to get from.
  • Get the machine by price. Even once you narrow down the best options you have, you’ll probably be able to find one that checks all the boxes. The easiest way to choose at this point is, look at the brand and what offer they are giving. However, find reviews on the machines, never compromise quality because of price. Chances are high – and your baby – will fall in love with this machine, and you’ll be glad you spent a little extra for the better quality and features.

Once you are confident with the sleep sound machine, keep it safe in the baby’s room, and see its magical experience. Your baby will be able to fall asleep more quickly and to stay asleep longer, and you, therefore, will get more sleep and be more active. It’s pretty much an excellent solution all around.



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