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The Beauty Of Chesterfield

November 26, 2020 - 0 COMMENTS


Chesterfield is a small town set in the peak district area of Derbyshire. Some would say it is a beautiful old market town set in the beautiful surroundings of the Peak District, but what of the towns women.

As with all places in the UK and the world the women come in all shapes and sizes and have their own opinions on their appearances. Luckily there’s one thing that Chesterfield has in a plentiful proportion for any of these women who might think they need a little bit of help.

Chesterfield has plenty of Health and Beauty Salons. Some are in the town centre whilst others are situated within keep fit type leisure centres. Wherever they may be situated they all offer the same services, to make the women of Chesterfield feel good about themselves.

One of the town centre’s most recent of these is Le Chics, which is situated just off Beetwell St, Chesterfield. They offer a full range of services including Eye Brow Plucks, Massages and Contour Body Wraps as well as lots of other services. They even offer a free trial on their toning tables.

Most of the Health & Beauty Salons in the Chesterfield area, like most areas, offer fairly similar services to each other and a personal choice on whether you, as a client, like the surroundings or the staff of these establishments.

Some of the Health & Beauty establishments though do offer one or two different services which make them stand out a little. Vanilla Spa, which is situated inside the Fitness First Centre on Sheffield Rd approx 2 miles from Chesterfield city centre, offers, as well as the normal services like facials, massages etc, offers a “Smilequest” teeth whitening system to get the women’s teeth of Chesterfield gleaming & white.

How does it work? The surface of the teeth contain millions of microscopic pores, and over the years, organic compounds from food, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco penetrate these pores causing a build up of discolouration on the tooth enamel.

After an initial consultation with the professionally qualified Smile Therapist, you can sit back and relax as your dreams of a whiter smile turn into reality! The gel is carefully applied to your teeth and activated by the light from the Smile Quest Laser Teeth Whitening System. The first application takes 10 minutes and is repeated again in one treatment, many people find the desired results with just two applications. For optimum results of up to 10 times whiter it is recommend to have at least two treatments (four applications).

Your brighter, whiter smile can last 18 to 24 months depending on diet and lifestyle.

Willows Health & Beauty, however, take care of the other end of the human body.
They offer Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment, which is said to be very good for help with weight loss, skin conditions and a whole host of other benefits.

With other salons in Chesterfield offering a range of services including; tattoo’s, piercings, hair extensions and tanning booths for that summer glow, Chesterfield I’m sure you will agree has lots of scope to have beautiful women all year round.

I just hope the men of Chesterfield appreciate everything the women do to their bodies in the hope of keeping the beautiful look very much alive.


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