What Do You Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Full Mouth Reconstruction Pearland, a full-mouth restoration, and rehabilitation are often used interchangeably to describe the rebuilding process and simultaneously restore all the teeth present in the mouth both the upper and lower jaws typically involves general or restorative dentists and can incorporate dental specialists like periodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and endodontists that will perform numerous procedures to have it function or work normally well and have it looking impeccable appearance-wise.

According to Cosmetic Dentistry 77584, the reason why it is called full mouth reconstruction is that it needs several cosmetic dental procedures. The process can involve basically anything from dental bridges, dental implants, dental crowns, fillings, veneers, tooth extractions, and more.

What kinds of dental procedures can be included in a full mouth reconstruction?

Dentist Pearland texas suggests the below-mentioned procedures that are involved in full mouth reconstruction.

  • You may need an orthodontist to help move or shift the teeth in the necessary and desired position for an optimal look
  • To improve and enhance the strength of the jaw bone for a dental implant to be placed, you might need bone grafting treatment.
  • Placement of dental veneers could be included to create an appealing look for your tooth or teeth
  • The dental crown placement could help to strengthen the root-canaled tooth or teeth.
  • To help the appearance of the overall smile, the teeth and gums contouring can occur
  • Placement of dental implants may be recommended to replace the missing tooth or an extracted tooth
  • Placement of temporary restoration that can help you with adjusting to your new teeth and feel your new bite alignment or mouth.
  • Deep dental cleanings are required for proper care to be maintained for both teeth and gums.

How to fasten the recovery procedure of full mouth reconstruction?

The dentist who does Mouth Reconstruction Near Me suggests these measures to quicken the recovery process of the full mouth reconstruction procedure.

  • Get some rest. Immediately after the constructive procedure, patients should avoid intensive or strenuous activity. A patient should rest for at least 24 hours after surgery.
  • Take pain medications. People should not feel pain during the full mouth reconstruction due to the anesthetic given before beginning the procedure, but after the effect wears off the pain will set in and usually continues for several days. To get relief from the pain take prescribed pain killer medicines.
  • Keeping an ice pack handy. Teeth Reconstruction Pearlandrecommends a cold compress or ice pack to reduce the pain and swelling.
  • Eating right. A person should eat soft foods and liquids for several days after the procedure.
  • Dental experts who do Full Mouth Restoration Near Me suggest that a patient should avoid smoking or consuming alcohol for at least a month after the full mouth reconstructive surgery.


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